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Based in Kent, UK - Accessory brand Elvis & Kresse create stunning lifestyle pieces by re-engineering seemingly useless waste. Their innovative 'Fire Hose' range is made exclusively from decommissioned British fire brigade hoses which, after a distinguished career fighting fires, were otherwise destined for a landfill... and there's so much more..... Discover more about these champions of sustainability. We love their story and how through their clever innovation they are able to give back.... donating 50% of profits from the Firehose range to The Firefighters Charity....
Mens Grooming ...clean-shaven, 5-o'clock shadow or killer beard
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It's Play-Time
Let Blue Inspire You
Blue symbolises stability, loyalty & peace ...embrace the colour ...explore our growing community of beautifully conscious luxury brands, where style, sustainability & chic happily live together.....
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First In.Best Dressed.
To celebrate the opening of Me Me's (virtual) doors, the first 300 customers go into a draw to win a gorgeous "Miss Jeane" 100% Violet leather handbag by French-based handbag designer JEANNE • CHAVANY
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Cottoning On In The UK
Honesty, transparency & a wish to make a difference ...Scandinavian-designed home textiles.. tasteful & versatile made from 100% organic cotton…all functional & made with respect for people & nature..
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Elegance of the Curve
Styled & hand-crafted by a British award winning designer whose keen eye for detail & amazing artistic flair has produced a collection of beautiful handbags to complement your shape & connect to you..
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Wool... Your best friend
Year Round Cashmere
We all need at least one stylish year-round piece in our wardrobe…. fine hand-woven cashmere is always the perfect solution… luxurious elegance that will last a lifetime…. and beyond ...
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Little Woolly Lambs
New Zealand merino wool has been called the 'miracle wool'. It is probably the best natural super fibre you could ever buy & without doubt it makes amazing clothing for your babies and tiny tots ….
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Special Treasures, Big Statement
Our home is our castle. What a difference expertly hand-crafted classic & sustainable statement pieces can make to the look and feel of your home injecting a movement & style so unique to you...
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Clean Beauty ...100% Natural Skincare
Pacific Power
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil naturally retains moisture & draws oxygen into the skin.. highly beneficial for anti-aging and premature’s the hero ingredient for luxury Samoan skincare brand...
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Feed Your Face
Taking care of the skins bacterial ecosystem, the microbiome is vital for restoring its natural pH balance & supporting skins good bacteria. A UK-based skincare brand turning the industry on its head
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Face-Changing Oils
Love your Skin with Anti-Ageing Facial Oil ....plant based, handcrafted ... a little ''miracle in a bottle' to keep the skin moisturised & hydrated like never before ... 100% naturally ...
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Serum Reboot & Reset
Autumn is here ...time for a little skincare reboot? Supercharged natural facial serums...gems from nature expertly blended by holistic professionals - a hydration injection for the complexion
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100% natural kidswear, for 100% natural kids
Craft & Ethics over Quotas
Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified fabric mills and sustainable fabric fairs are the cornerstone of fabric sourcing for Estonian label, August
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